Toilet Paper Rewinder Machine And Perforating Machine



Fully automatic toilet paper machine operation process:
First put jumbo roll paper on transport frame(3 jumbo roll papers),transport frame has automatic upon paper device、transport device,then passed paper into the paper feed roller, there is a sheet bar device before the feed roller will flatten paper, then enter punch device, last enter guide roll device. There is a hollow paper axis device of guide roll roller both sides, to make without core roll paper. Roll paper through guide roll roller、press paper roller repeatedly guide roll to complete(roll paper tightness according customer required to adjust、barometric pressure to control convenient free to adjust)roll paper reach certain specification machine will automatic stop, will
automatic release. Through paper cutter separate roll paper, automatic spray glue、sealing when slitting paper. The whole process complete,through open machine delay time,machine will re-start. Finished paper through large saws separate the paper become different specification roll paper(customer required to slitting). The whole process by computer programming PLC、 frequency conversion control to complete.

Machine type SF-DYY 1575(Can increase the type) ;
Width of raw material paper ≤1800mm(Can widen)
Base paper diameter ≤1100mm(Other sizes please specify)
Base paper paper core diameter Φ15-76.2mm(Other sizes please specify)
Programmable controller PLC
Production speed 150-200 m/min.
Machine power 5.5KW
Voltage 380V,50Hz
Diameter of finished products 60-150mm(tightness can be adjusted)
Perforating distance 100-150mm (it can be adjusted)
Embossing unit(Need to be customized) steel roller to rubber roller/paper roller/steel roller(set by per customer) Remark:Purchased separately
Jumbo roll stand 1-3 ply (set by per customer).
Overall size 5.5x2.7x1.5m(LxWxH)
Weight 2.5T
Other models(Prices are negotiable)
Type Width of raw material paper
SF-DYY 1760 SF-DYY 1880 ≤2000mm ≤2200mm
SF-DYY 2100 ≤2400mm
SF-DYY 2400 ≤2600mm


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