A new generation double shaft Dry Mortar Mixer was came out

Date: 2016-09-29

Through our company's engineering teachers concentrated development a long time, a new generation generation double shaft Dry Mortar Mixer finally was came out.

1, Reducer is specially designed for double shaft mortar mixer. This is our factory designer of independent research and development, design. To avoid the blade on the biaxial collision in the mixing machine bin;
2, The third generation of biaxial zero gravity efficient mixing machine work is more sophisticated, product quality is better than the previous two generations;
3, All of the machine blade using manganese steel, increasing the using life, and have the screw on the shaft, making it easy to replace;
4, This machine is the modified, more than the previous machine 4 air outlet compare with previous productions, in order to reduce pressure warehouse. Can also be connected to the dust collector, dust removal effect is better, to protect the environment; 5, The machine has been applied for a national patent about bearing seal;
6, This machine is more two cylinder than the previous models, mixing chamber seal thoroughly, prevent material directly into finished product storehouse;
7, The observation of the native mouth improved, better than the previous model of sealing, can prevent leaks the material, and the compressive strength is big, to prevent observation was made for excessive pressure in the warehouse, more safe and reliable;
8, The native of channel steel made in strict accordance with national standards for production, and more solid, easy connection.