787 Type Paper Machine



Technical parameter:
1.Raw material: waste paper, virgin pulp
2.Output paper style: toilet paper,tissue paper
3.paper weight: 15-30g/m2;
4.paper width:  787-900mm;
5.width of cylinder mould: 1100mm;
6.Capacity :  0.8-1T/D;
7. Design speed:50m/min
8.Work speed:  30-40m/min;
9. Design Standards: CNS Export equipment
Machine main thing: 
1).  Cylinder mould section: Ф700mm×1100mm steel stainless cylinder mould 1pcs, Ф200mm×1100mm couch roll 1pcs. coated by rubber, rubber shore hardness HSD 38°±2.Match trough of net.
2). Dryer section: Ф1000mm×1100mm alloy dryer can 1pcs,  Ф280mm×1100mm touch roll 1pcs, Pneumatic compression devices,match machinery special scrape. coated by rubber, rubber shore hardness HSD 90°±2.
3).  Electric equipment section: main machine with 4KW electric motor. Include reduce speed machine
4).  Dive & control section: AC frequency conversion speed, section drive.


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